15 Dec '17
Inauguration of Hospice for Nursing Assistance and Palliative Care | Press Release
06 Dec '17
Announcement of New Undergraduate Scholars 2017–18
29 Nov '17
The Greek Youth Symphony Orchestra is taking off | Press Release
22 Nov '17
Results of the "Learning Together" Programme for the 2017-18 school year
21 Nov '17
Awards to students who succeeded at the examinations for Higher Education Institutes, by the Mayor of Maroussi Mr. G. Patoulis | Press Release
14 Nov '17
“The unknown Merchant Shipping”; speech by Mr. G. Foustanos at the Neraida Floating Museum
03 Nov '17
Educational Programme “Travelling with ‘Neraida’. A game on board” for the academic year 2017-8
02 Nov '17
Announcement | Renewal of Undergraduate Scholarships
23 Oct '17
Opening Ceremony of the Renovated Capodistrias Museum in Corfu
19 Oct '17
Olympic Preparation Scholarships 2017-2018
27 Sep '17
START Programme: three years of supporting society through culture
20 Sep '17
Funding for Relocation of National Theatre Drama School
15 Sep '17
"Agigma Zois" (Touch of Life) – Important Award at the Healthcare Business Awards 2017
14 Sep '17
Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies 2017–2018
06 Sep '17
Learning Together Programme 2017–2018
04 Sep '17
New Opening Hours of the Neraida Floating Museum
31 Jul '17
Announcement of the Results of the Postgraduate Scholarships 2017–2018
05 Jul '17
Donation of Wildfire Water Buckets to the Hellenic Fire Service
07 Jun '17
Postgraduate Scholarship Programme 2017–2018 | Completion of the Application Submission Process
09 May '17
"The Objects of Neraida Tell us a Story", in the context of the International Museum Day 2017
05 May '17
Scholarships for postgraduate studies 2017-2018
03 May '17
Career Fair.4all, or the first step towards integrating People with Disabilities into the labour market
27 Apr '17
Olympic Preparation Scholarship Awards Ceremony
04 Apr '17
Award ceremony for the entrepreneurial teams that excelled in the Digital Innovation Programme "Viva Nest-an IDEA in Fintech"
20 Mar '17
Announcement for Senior Lyceum Students
13 Mar '17
The Neraida Floating Museum opens again at the Flisvos Marina
03 Mar '17
Announcement of Results | "Points of Support" Program
01 Mar '17
The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation joins the A. G. Leventis Foundation’s Olympic Awards Programme
16 Jan '17
Research Centre for the Humanities
12 Dec '16
Previously unknown works of art from Akrotiri displayed in the volume from the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation “Prehistoric Thira” | PRESS RELEASE
30 Nov '16
Results of “Learning Together” Programme
30 Nov '16
Prix Latsis Universitaires 2016
29 Nov '16
Announcement of new undergraduate scholarships 2016-17
22 Nov '16
Press Release | Presentation of awards to successful Tertiary Education students by the Mayor of Amaroussion, G. Patoulis
22 Nov '16
Undergraduate Scholarship Renewal
18 Nov '16
Poetry Competition Awards Ceremony to commemorate First World War Centenary in Greece
06 Nov '16
31 Oct '16
"Points of Support" Programme
07 Oct '16
‘Learning Together 2016-2017’ – Deadline extension
06 Oct '16
Educational Programme “Travelling with ’Neraida’. A game on board”
05 Oct '16
New opening hours for the Neraida Floating Museum at the Flisvos Marina
28 Sep '16
Supporting unaccompanied and separated children and youth in Greece
19 Sep '16
Internship Programme 2016–2017 | New Date
14 Sep '16
Announcement on Undergraduate Scholarships 2016-17
09 Sep '16
"Learning Together" Programme | Educational Activities in Primary Education 2016-2017
01 Aug '16
Announcement of the Results for Post-Graduate Scholarships 2016-2017
29 Jul '16
PRESS RELEASE: New series of documentaries “The History of Food”
12 Jul '16
Internship - Call for Applications
05 Jul '16
Symplefsi “Diaplous 2016” | Educational and Electronic Equipment for Schools on Islands in Border Regions
01 Jul '16
Renovation of the Outpatients Clinic of “Panagiotis and Aglaias Kyriakou” General Children’s Hospital in Athens
23 Jun '16
Anatolia College honors its major donors | Press Release
15 Jun '16
Safe Water Sports | Presentation of educational actions
12 May '16
Municipal Theatre of Piraeus – Two days of school-student presentations in the context of the programme “The Third Bell or Theatre with a Difference” | Press Release
11 May '16
WWF – “Greenspaces" | Press Release
12 Apr '16
17th International Summer School " "Intensive Course on Macroeconomic Coordination and Externalities"
04 Apr '16
Scholarships for postgraduate studies 2016-2017
28 Mar '16
Greek Student Parliament on Science 2015-2016 | The Future of Mankind
22 Mar '16
The multifaceted personality of I. Kapodistrias as revealed by a unique digital archive
17 Mar '16
The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation member of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)
07 Mar '16
Alzheimer's Disease International | Presentation of “Help for caregivers” Booklet that promotes advice for 10,000 Greek caregivers
03 Mar '16
Volunteer4Greece | 9th of March 2016
01 Feb '16
The Foundation is Strategic Partner for the Program Crowdfunding Act4Greece
29 Jan '16
Scientific Societies Program | Results Announcement
28 Jan '16
Press Conference | Research Centre for the Humanities (RCH)
23 Dec '15
A wide range of public education initiatives
14 Dec '15
Notification on the Programme for the Support of Scientific Associations
04 Dec '15
Undergraduate Scholarship Programme | Results Announcement
01 Dec '15
"Learning Together" Programme | Results Announcement
30 Nov '15
Presenting Mycenae beyond the obvious, in the new book of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
26 Nov '15
Undergraduate scholarships programme 2015-2016
20 Nov '15
“Points of Support” Programme | Open Call Results Announcement
12 Nov '15
Undergraduate Scholarship Renewal for 2015-2016
23 Oct '15
Geographical expansion for the programme "Learning Togrether"
22 Oct '15
Applications are open for the Programme Supporting Scientific Associations
28 Sep '15
Deadline extension for the programme "Learning Togrether"
09 Sep '15
Clarifying announcement regarding the programme "Points of support"
01 Sep '15
Return journey of Neraida Floating Museum to the port of Plaka, Leonidion
27 Aug '15
third place worldwide for the pole vault athlete Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou
31 Jul '15
Postgraduate Scholarships Results for 2015-2016
21 Jul '15
Silver medal for Antonis Tsapatakis in the IPC Swimming World Championship
24 Jun '15
Announcement regarding the Foundation's contribution to Science
23 Jun '15
Opening of the Accommodation Centre for Unaccompanied Minors
11 Jun '15
The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation Library Fellowships at the Blegen & Gennadius Libraries, 2015-2016
20 Apr '15
Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies 2015-2016
01 Apr '15
Announcement for the "Scientific Projects" programme
30 Mar '15
New Executive Board President Joins the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
24 Mar '15
16th Trento Summer School
06 Mar '15
Pubic Call for Postgraduate Scholarships 2015
10 Feb '15
Neraida Floating Museum - Call for External Contractors
16 Jan '15
Livestreaming of the Handover Ceremony | 16 January 2015
16 Jan '15
Handover of the state-of-the-art One Day Clinic "Nikos Kourkoulos"
15 Dec '14
Announcement of the results of the public call for the granting of undergraduate scholarships
08 Dec '14
The unexpected wealth of the Kerameikos Museum is presented in the new publication of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
03 Dec '14
National Latsis Prize 2014
28 Nov '14
"Learning Together" programme 2014-2015
17 Nov '14
Renovation of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Patras
12 Nov '14
Renewal of undergraduate scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year
14 Oct '14
Announcement regarding the public call for the granting of undergraduate scholarships
06 Oct '14
Youth Center of Eleusis
03 Oct '14
Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies 2014-2015
30 Sep '14
Results | Scientific Projects 2015
29 Sep '14
Extension to the submission of applications for the "Learning Together" programme
26 Sep '14
Public Call for Undergraduate Scholarships 2014-15
11 Sep '14
Donation to National Emergency Aid Center (E.K.A.V.)
01 Aug '14
Announcement of the results for the Postgraduate Scholarships 2014-2015
22 Jul '14
Announcement for the "Scientific Projects 2015" Programme
21 Jul '14
One Day Center "Nikos Kourkoulos"
04 Jun '14
Announcement regarding the granting of undergraduate scholarships
15 May '14
Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies for the academic year 2014-2015
05 May '14
Learning Together 2014-2015
15 Apr '14
Scientific Projects 2015 – 15 April 2014
15 Apr '14
Social Welfare Field – Public call for internship position
28 Mar '14
Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies 2014-2015
26 Feb '14
Scientific Projects 2015
10 Jan '14
Neraida Floating Museum – Public call for contractors
11 Dec '12
Presentation of the new volume ‘Samos – The Archaeological Museums’
10 Dec '12
The 5th Social Grocery Store of the "Mission" for uninsured traders was inaugurated by the Archbishop in Kallithea
30 Nov '12
New undergraduate and postgraduate scholars for studies in Greece | 2012-2013
28 Nov '12
Free daily meals for the poor from the Municipality of Thessaloniki in cooperation with the John S. Latsis Foundation
23 Nov '12
European Latsis Prize 2012
09 Nov '12
New Scholarships for the year 2012-2013
07 Nov '12
Prix Latsis Universitaires 2012
31 Oct '12
Results of the public call for the "Scientific Projects" 2013
22 Oct '12
Call for the granting of undergraduate scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year
22 Oct '12
Call for the granting of postgraduate scholarships for studies in Greek universities for the 2012-2013 academic year
19 Oct '12
Renewal of Undergraduate Scholarships
30 Aug '12
Exhibition Olympia: Myth, cult, games
20 Jul '12
Announcement of New Postgraduate and Doctoral Scholarships for Studies Abroad 2012-2013
20 Jul '12
The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation donates food to 100 poor families in the Municipality of Maroussi
18 Jul '12
International distinction for Greek students in mathematics
11 Jul '12
Announcement regarding the granting of scholarships for postgraduate and doctoral studies abroad
28 Jun '12
Expiry of the deadline for the submission of proposals for the "Scientific Projects 2013" programme
22 Jun '12
Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Albanians of Greek Descent – Two Decades of Support
21 Jun '12
Free distribution of publications of the Hellenic Mathematical Society to 3,000 students in the Greek periphery
20 Jun '12
The Love Centre of Elefsina "adopts" 30 poor families, in cooperation with the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and the Food Bank
14 Jun '12
Start of submission of proposals for the funding of studies of one-year duration for the year 2013
13 Jun '12
Offering to socially vulnerable groups of the Municipality of Kifissia
11 Jun '12
The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation announce a program for promoting volunteerism
05 Jun '12
Call for the Granting of Scholarships for Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Abroad 2012-2013
30 May '12
Public call of paid internship positions at the Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
19 Apr '12
Presentation of 2011 Scientific Projects' Results
11 Apr '12
"It is our duty" Social Solidarity Programme put into action
05 Apr '12
Public Call for research projects for the year 2013
08 Feb '12
University Prizes Programme with the University of Ioannina
28 Dec '10
IAOA Prize in memory of A. Kitsos by the Academy of Athens
09 Dec '10
International Public Call for the organisation of the 2011 Summer School
02 Dec '10
Presentation of the volume dedicated to the "Archaeological Museum of Thebes"
22 Nov '10
"Greek Architects of Istanbul in the Period of Westernization" Exhibition Opening
17 Nov '10
European Latsis Prize 2010
29 Oct '10
Results of the Public Call for the Funding of Scientific Projects in 2011
30 Sep '10
The Fondation Latsis Internationale awards the 2010 University Prizes
16 Sep '10
John S. Latsis Ileians Scholarships Foundation: Call for Scholarship Applications for the academic year 2010-2011
15 Jul '10
Latsis Foundation 2nd International Summer School
01 Jul '10
Submission deadline closed for the funding of 2011 research projects
29 Jun '10
2nd International Summer School of the Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
23 Jun '10
Award of the Prizes of the Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Albanians of Greek Descent to Students of the University of Ioannina
15 Jun '10
Proposal Submission Opens for 2011 One-Year Research Projects
08 Jun '10
Completion of Training Programme for Agronomists from Fire-stricken Regions
06 May '10
Announcement of the names of the students who will participate in the 2nd International Summer School of the Latsis Foundation
24 Apr '10
Contemporary Greek Cultural Landscapes: An Aerial Atlas
08 Apr '10
Research Projects 2009 Results’ Presentation
01 Apr '10
Final reports of 2009 Research Projects available on the e-Library
11 Mar '10
2nd International Summer School on the Environment in Collaboration with the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
26 Feb '10
11th Trento Summer School: Intensive Course in "Macroeconomics and Financial Crises"
26 Jan '10
Call of 2009-2010 IAOA Prizes in cooperation with the University of Ioannina
14 Jan '10
15 instructors and 31 students participated in IOA’s International Postgraduate Olympic Studies Programme
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