Support of Entrepreneurship Programmes

Reload Greece aims to develop new and innovative ventures with social and economic benefits for Greece through the mobilisation of the Greek diaspora. The Latsis Foundation supported the Young Entrepreneurs Programme (RG YEP) and RG Connect programmes implemented by the organisation in 2018.

RG YEP supports and inspires young entrepreneurs wishing to develop their business ideas into sustainable businesses. The programme operates through three phases: Ignite, Accelerate, and Pitch. The first phase involves participation in a series of workshops where leading professionals with business and academic backgrounds help the participants in establishing their business ideas. The second phase (Accelerate) involves individual guidance of participants from experienced mentors with the aim of creating start-up businesses. Finally, within the framework of the programme’s third phase, a presentation, open to the public, of ideas and business plans is made to a panel of judges determining a winning team.

  • 905 people participated in RG YEP.
  • 42 teams presented their business ideas.


The RG Connect 2018 brought together the next generation of entrepreneurs, leading CEOs, notable academics, investors from the USA, the UK and Greece, and politicians in an effort to network and exchange views.

  • 45 speakers participated in RG Connect 2018 and 10 start-ups presented their ideas.


“Joining RG YEP was a very significant moment for our entrepreneurial journey, we received the right mentorship, tools and support we needed to work with our mentors, clarifying and defining our business model and really identifying the next steps that we need to take to make our vision a reality.”

Alexander Tanti

Co-Founder, Racecheck, RG YEP 17-18 winning team