"We can only do this together! There is no discrimination in nature"
Association of Parents and Guardians of Disabled People “Spring Children”

With the Foundation’s support, "The Spring Children", the Non-Profit Association of Parents and Guardians of Disabled People in the Prefecture of Imathia implemented the action "We can only do this together! There is no discrimination in nature". The aim of the initiative was to raise awareness and educate local people with disabilities about environmental issues, in order to help them in their social integration.

The beneficiaries of the Association, aided by volunteers of the environmental organisation iSea, participated in indoors and outdoors environmental actions, such as information and awareness-raising on recycling and animal welfare, as well as cleaning near-water areas.

Through observation and recording of the environmental education activities, a manual (in Greek) was created to be used by employment and training centres for people with disabilities that aim to approach the objectives of special education in the light of the basic principles of Environmental Education. Key features of the programme and the manual are the experiential approach; active learning; personal participation; the use of everyday environmental experiences; building new ventures based on already acquired knowledge; field study; and opening up to society.

This action is implemented under the "Points of Support" programme, which aims to support innovative social initiatives with maximum impact on vulnerable social groups, to promote innovation and improve effectiveness as well as to maximise social impact in the field of NGOs. The programme is an initiative of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the TIMA Charitable Foundation, the Hellenic Hope charity organization and the Bodossaki Foundation.