4th Round | “Collaborating for Health” Programme

The “Collaborating for Health” Programme is a joint initiative of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and the Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company SYN-ENOSIS, which has been implemented since 2018 and consists in the financing of small and medium-scale projects, its aim being to meet urgent needs of the public health sector and to improve the services of healthcare providers in Greece, through the supply of medical equipment and the upgrading of their infrastructure.

Following the 3rd round of the Programme and taking into account the particularly increased needs of healthcare providers caring for children and infants, the 4th round of the Programme, too, targeted Children’s General Hospitals, General Hospitals and University Hospitals aiming to upgrade their Pediatric Clinics/Departments/Units, Health Centres, for the upgrading of their Pediatric Clinics, as well as non-profit legal entities active in the health sector in Greece.

The selected pediatric health care providers to be supported were announced in March 2022 and the implementation of the following donations was set in motion:

1. University General Hospital “ATTIKON”
    Renovation of premises and supply of equipment to upgrade the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

2. University General Hospital of Ioannina
    Supply of medical equipment to upgrade the Neonatal Clinic

3. General Hospital of Kavala
    Supply of medical equipment to upgrade of the Neonatal Unit for premature newborns at the Pediatric Clinic

4. University General Hospital of Alexandroupolis
    Renovation of premises and supply of equipment to upgrade the Pediatric Surgery Wing

5. “VENIZELEIO-PANANEIO” General Hospital of Heraklion, Crete
      Supply of medical equipment to upgrade the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

6. General Hospital of Florina
    Supply of medical equipment to upgrade the Pediatric Clinic

7. Health Centre of Mantoudi, Evia
    Renovation of premises and supply of equipment to upgrade the Children’s Emergency Department


“The fully renovated, autonomous space hosting the Children’s Emergency Department clinic no longer resembles the previously stark and impersonal examination room and short-stay unit for adults and children. The space has been re-designed into a warm and cozy environment, ready to welcome our young patients, enhancing the feeling of safety and trust. I would like to make special mention of the high-quality equipment we have procured, thus ensuring the provision of upgraded health services at primary pediatric care level and securing further reliability for our diagnoses at pediatric emergency level. This contribution to a regional health care institution such as ours, located away from secondary and tertiary health care facilities, an institution where doctors rely on clinical observation and reliable clinical examination results for an accurate diagnosis, has been both an intervention of major importance and a practical demonstration of the human-centered nature of the Programme.”

Katerina Stergiou
Junior Registrar of Pediatrics, Health Centre of Mantoudi, Evia

“This donation significantly upgrades the services we provide to our young patients. In our current challenging era, this generous contribution gives us the strength to keep up our difficult work.”

Georgios Mantsos
Director, General Hospital of Florina 

“Both our medical and nursing staff and I would like to express our gratitude for the immediate response, sensitivity, determination, and promptness in responding to our request. This equipment will greatly facilitate and improve the services we provide to the newborns of Crete and the Southern Aegean in our care.”

Marina Koropouli
Director of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, “VENIZELEIO-PANANEIO” General Hospital of Heraklion, Crete 



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