Having identified education as a key sector for a modern and cohesive society, the Foundation supports targeted programmes and actions at all levels, aiming to create a high-quality educational ecosystem to match the new educational and professional reality. In this context, the Foundation partners with CSOs for the development of digital and soft skills, as well as for enriching the educational process at primary and secondary level, supporting, among other actions, initiatives that promote Youth Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Active Citizenship, as well as actions aimed at upgrading Vocational Education and Training.

At the same time, its main goal being the enhancement of access to education, the Foundation continues its long tradition of awarding scholarships for postgraduate studies, with a view to addressing more effectively the current professional challenges posed mainly by the global digital transformation.

An additional part of the Foundation’s activities is the operation of the Neraida Floating Museum, which, among other things, offers free educational programmes and activities for primary, secondary and high school students, with the aim of introducing them to Greek shipping and coastal navigation, as well as familiarising them with maritime professions.