Having identified education as a key sector for a modern and cohesive society, the Latsis Foundation supports targeted programmes and actions at all levels, aiming to create a high-quality educational ecosystem to match the new educational and professional reality.

Against this background, the Foundation invests in the development of digital and soft skills as well as in a diversified educational process at primary and secondary level, supporting, among other actions, STE(A)M, Educational Robotics and Youth Entrepreneurship programmes. At the same time, it focuses on modernising Vocational Education and Training, through the supply of state-of-the-art equipment, the upgrading of laboratory infrastructure and the funding of student empowerment programmes; the ultimate aim is to bridge the digital divide, and ensure that young people’s skills match and successfully correspond to with the ever-changing requirements of the modern labour market, as well as to contribute in a qualitative upgrade of human capital and the fight against the ‘brain drain’ phenomenon.

Its main goal being the enhancement of access to education, the Foundation continues its long tradition of awarding scholarships, thus supporting the dreams and efforts of students who wish to pursue further studies at postgraduate level. With a view to addressing more effectively current professional challenges posed by the global digital transformation, the Foundation has redesigned its regular Postgraduate Scholarships Programme to focus, for the 2021-2025 academic years, on scientific fields of Engineering and Applied Sciences that are relevant to the 4IR (Industry 4.0), such as: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, etc.