Programme Supporting Scientific Societies

The Scientific societies present rich scientific and educational activity; they implement research programmes and promote the public dialogue and communication between the scientific community and society. Moreover they are constantly linked with universities, as a quite big amount of their members are postgraduate students, researchers and academics offering their services voluntarily. Over that past few years most societies do not have the resources to continue their activity as their funds come from vulnerable sources while, at the same time, they are excluded from State and European Union funding programmes for research as they are not eligible.

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation announces a new programme for supporting the research activity in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. In this context it will fund activities that aim to support and reinforce scientific societies, unions, associations and other relevant organisations and teams, based in Greece, aiming to:

  • Upgrade infrastructure for the further strengthening of existing and future activities.
  • The extroversion and establishment of partnerships with relevant organisations in Greece and abroad
  • New activities that will develop the organisation.
  • Those interested can visit the Public Calls for more information.