he John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation was established in 2005 in the memory of the late John S. Latsis, by his family, with the aim of preserving his philanthropic legacy, and the constant interest and dedication that he demonstrated throughout his life in the implementation of projects for the benefit of his fellow citizens on an individual level and the Greek society as a whole. Fully aligned with the values embodied in the charity work of John S. Latsis, now operating under an updated approach and prioritisation based on contemporary issues and challenges, the Foundation financially supports and implements initiatives that aim to respond more effectively to current social needs, in collaboration with civil society organisations having the necessary know-how and sharing a common vision as regards the shaping of a more resilient, modern and inclusive society.

Grant-making Activity


he Foundation's strategy for the 2022-2025 period has been redefined by decision of its Board Members; it now focuses on the design, management and funding of programmes under three key pillars: Education & Skills; Innovation & Sustainable Development; and Social Action & Solidarity. In this context, the Foundation supports initiatives aimed at the development of digital and soft skills, vocational education and training to ensure highly skilled human resource, as well as the stimulation and promotion of both entrepreneurship as a means of economic development and progress, and of social entrepreneurship as a means of mitigating social inequalities and strengthening social cohesion. At the same time, the Foundation implements targeted projects in the field of Public Health and is actively present in emergency situations where national considerations require its financial assistance. An additional, diversified but constant aspect of the Foundation's activities is the operation of the Neraida Floating Museum, which aims, among other things, to highlight the country's maritime, naval and business history through educational, informative and scientific activities.



y adopting a more active grant-making approach, the Foundation has revised its strategy to ensure a more proactive line of action, focusing on the root causes of social issues, thus aiming to achieve long-term systemic change. Since its establishment, the Foundation has operated under a deeply collaborative mentality that guides its action and prioritises the implementation of fruitful partnerships with civil society key players, in order to promote social innovation across all areas of the Foundation’s activity while maximising its social impact.