University of Trento Summer Schools

In 2009 the Foundation launched a 10-year collaboration untill 2018 with the University of Trento, Department of Economics and Management in Italy aiming to support a series of summer schools organized by the Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CEEL).

Every year, the subject matter revolved around economic issues, examined each time from a different perspective, including, for example, finance, public finances, the role of networks, addressing financial crises, etc. The organizers focused on ensuring the participation of distinguished academics from universities of different countries, as well as gathering young researchers of various nationalities. Every year, the duration of the programme was 15 days and the Foundation secured the annual participation of two Greek students, provided they met the criteria for participation.

2009 to 2018 overview:

  • 75 distinguished scientists participated as speakers, among them 2001 Nobel Laureate economist Joseph E. Stiglitz (17th University of Trento Summer School 2016).
  • 281 young researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral students & young academics) participated in the University of Trento Summer Schools, including 20 Greek students.