“Learning Together” Programme | 1st Round | School Year 2013-2014
04 Jun '13

Educational Activities at the Primary Level 2013-2014

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, wishing to support the creativity that develops during the learning and educational process in the context of primary education, invites primary school teachers to submit proposals for original educational activities to be implemented during the 2013-14 school year by kindergartens and primary schools in island regions of Greece.

The aim of the programme is to highlight the initiatives through which students’ knowledge, experiences and skills evolve in a variety of ways in both their school and social environment, while giving teachers the opportunity to trial innovative educational ideas and practices.            


Basic Requirements

  • Proposals should concern the integration into educational practice of various forms of in-school or out-of-school activities with a view to enhancing the overall work and role of the school.
  • Participation is open to teachers from primary schools and kindergartens in island regions of Greece. Proposals can be submitted by individual teachers or small groups of teachers with a coordinator (up to three teachers in total).
  • Financial support will be provided based on a detailed budget, which is to be submitted with the proposal for the implementation of the educational action, of up to a maximum of three thousand euros (€3,000). Eligible costs include all types of costs incurred in implementing the programme, excluding remuneration costs. The management should be convened through the relevant School Committee.


Preparation of proposal submission

Proposals will be submitted for evaluation online. Participants should include the following data and information in their detailed proposal:

  • Title of Activity
  • Brief Description of the activity
  • Information regarding the Coordinator and team members (with a short CV, up to 2 pages)
  • Information regarding the school unit
  • Proposal Description (Rationale for the educational activity, Detailed description and objectives of the educational activity, Similar past projects, Number and ages of students to be involved, Expected outputs)
  • Coordinator's confirmation of school management’s consent
  •  Budget


Proposals must be submitted online by Monday 30 September 2013.

For further information on the school units eligible to apply, the detailed requirements, the application procedure and deadlines, interested parties can visit the Frequently Asked Questions.



Submission may only be made online until 12:00pm on Tuesday, 15 October 2013.



Learning Together

Aquaponics Farming Systems

1st Primary School of Rafina

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

In books I am reflected, I explore the world and feel connected

35th Kindergarten of Athens

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”


Primary School of Akrolimni

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

“Lights, camera...action!!!”: Α creative animation film production workshop using recyclable waste from our classroom

Kindergarten of Sinies

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Playing + Learning + Creating = Filmmaking

26th Primary School of Larisa

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Climate change. Causes-consequences-solutions

9th Primary School of Alexandroupoli

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Escape to Knowledge

6th Primary School of Hermoupolis

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Sixth Grade – Seventh Art: Galerita makes films!

5th Primary School of Korydallos

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

School in the age of images: learning without ... words

4th Primary School of Tirnavos

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Trip to Mars

4th Primary School of Thermi

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Science Fiction

3rd Primary School of Chios

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

The narratives of the absentees. Reconstructing the school’s past through its archival material

2nd Primary School of Kilkis

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

From the Earth to the Moon. Planning a trip to Space

2nd Primary School of Voutes

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

A Different Kind of Book

1st 12-teacher Model Experimental Primary School SPE-AUTh

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

When I read stories, my questions get resolved! Do fictional heroes have feelings too?

1st Kindergarten of Megalopoli

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

From fairytales to digital stories

1st Primary School of Kos

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

The Skies of Hermoupolis

1st Primary School of Hermoupolis

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”
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