Support of Operation

GIVMED is a network for the use of excess medicines that employs technology to meet the pharmaceutical needs of vulnerable social groups. Its aim is to inform and mobilise citizens with regard to excess drugs as well as to connect people with charitable organisations in order to make use of the excess drugs. To achieve its goals, GIVMED organises campaigns on the proper management of medicines and develops a network of social actors including, among others, social pharmacies and social markets.

The Latsis Foundation, having as a major priority the immediate relief of vulnerable social groups and the strengthening of non-profit organisations supports GIVMED by funding the personnel position “Operations and Fundraising Coordinator”. The aims of this funding concern the following development directions of GIVMED:

  1. Strategy: Design, analysis and adaptation of the organisation’s business plan to the needs of the internal and external environment.
  2. Fundraising: Identification of appropriate funders for the organisation’s programmes.
  3. Partner Network: Development of a partner network through outreach efforts, conducting of new activities and improvement of existing ones.
  • In 2018, the organisation “saved” more than 17,500 packages of medicines (worth 160,000 euros), supporting 144 charitable actors across Greece.


“The Foundation's support is crucial to the development of the organisation, as it has allowed the recruitment, to the group, of a new member with significant experience in the field of non-governmental organisations and pharmaceutical companies. This new strategic position with a specialisation in fundraising contributes significantly to fulfilling our vision of all people having direct access to the medicines they need.”

Thanassis Vratimos

Strategic Advisor, GIVMED