Web presence upgrade

Web presence upgrade
Centre for Research & Conservation of Archaeologican Textiles

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation through its Scientific Associations Programme is funding

the development of a new, dynamic and interactive state-of-the-art website linked to social media. This user-friendly website will feature multimedia content (video, photographs and maps) to optimally disseminate the Centre’s archival material.

The new website will bring the public in close contact with a wealth of important yet largely unknown ancient relics. Supporting both casual surfing and easy access to information on such a sophisticated and highly specialized field of study as archaeological textiles, it will highlight their role as sources of information regarding the society that produced them. A single visit will suffice for users to access important information on the craft of textile weaving, on types of garments and various techniques. Moreover, past issues of the “Arachni” journal will be digitized and posted on the website so they can be accessed by all users and facilitate research on ancient textiles.