''Learning Together'' Programme | 2nd Round | School Year 2014-2015

''Learning Together'' Programme | 2nd Round | School Year 2014-2015
30 Apr '14

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, wishing to support the creativity developed during educational and teaching procedure within primary education, invites teachers to submit original educational activities proposals that will take place during 2014-2015 in kindergartens and primary schools of remote areas (except islands and northern border regions of Greece), as well as kindergartens and primary schools belonging to to the Directorate of Primary Education of Central Greece, Peloponnese and Western Greece. The key aim of the programme is to provide the opportunity for schools to cultivate the cooperative culture, and its spirit, and for educators to apply modern teaching methods and innovative educational ideas and practices.



Proposals for implementation of innovative educational approaches and learning strategies for everyday school use: The proposals to be submitted will involve the application of specific innovative methods and their linkage to concrete subject matter and themes on the basis of a detailed study programme to be applied for each individual class. Vague and generalizing proposals will be rejected.

Participation is open to teachers from public primary schools and kindergartens which have been characterised as inaccessible by the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religion (except the islands and northern border prefectures), as well as all units belonging to prefectures of Central Greece, of the Peloponnese and Western Greece. Proposals can be submitted by individual teachers or by small groups of teachers with a coordinator (up to three teachers in total).

Financial support will be provided on the basis of the detailed budget to be submitted together with the proposal for accomplishment of the educational activity, to an amount of up to two and a half thousand Euros (€3.000).  Eligible expenditure includes every type of expense necessary for completion of the programme, including VAT, not including salaries. The School Committee has responsibility for financial management.


Submission Process:

Applications should be only submitted electronically. Participants must include in their detailed proposal the following data and information:

  • Title of the Activity
  • Brief description 
  • Details on the co-ordinator and members (including a brief résumé up to 200 words)
  • Data on the school unit
  • Description of the proposal:
    • rationale
    • detailed description and outline of objectives 
    • record of previous corresponding initiatives
    • number and age of pupils to be involved
    • expected practical results of the activity
  • Co-ordinator confirmation for the information of the school authorities
  • Budget

Eligible proposals should be submitted online until Tuesday, September 30th, 2014. 

You may contact us at: [email protected].



Eligible proposals should be submitted online until Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 via the online form available on our website.


Learning Together

Aquaponics Farming Systems

1st Primary School of Rafina

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

In books I am reflected, I explore the world and feel connected

35th Kindergarten of Athens

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”


Primary School of Akrolimni

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

“Lights, camera...action!!!”: Α creative animation film production workshop using recyclable waste from our classroom

Kindergarten of Sinies

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Playing + Learning + Creating = Filmmaking

26th Primary School of Larisa

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Climate change. Causes-consequences-solutions

9th Primary School of Alexandroupoli

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Escape to Knowledge

6th Primary School of Hermoupolis

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Sixth Grade – Seventh Art: Galerita makes films!

5th Primary School of Korydallos

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

School in the age of images: learning without ... words

4th Primary School of Tirnavos

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Trip to Mars

4th Primary School of Thermi

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

Science Fiction

3rd Primary School of Chios

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

The narratives of the absentees. Reconstructing the school’s past through its archival material

2nd Primary School of Kilkis

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

From the Earth to the Moon. Planning a trip to Space

2nd Primary School of Voutes

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

A Different Kind of Book

1st 12-teacher Model Experimental Primary School SPE-AUTh

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

When I read stories, my questions get resolved! Do fictional heroes have feelings too?

1st Kindergarten of Megalopoli

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

From fairytales to digital stories

1st Primary School of Kos

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”

The Skies of Hermoupolis

1st Primary School of Hermoupolis

PROGRAMME: “Learning Together”