Sixth Grade – Seventh Art: Galerita makes films!

Sixth Grade – Seventh Art: Galerita makes films!

A cooperative team from the 6th grade was mobilised for the implementation of this activity; the team is part of the ‘Galerita’ School Cooperative, founded in May 2017 in the context of the project ''We Learn Together''. The School Cooperative consists of 122 regular members from the 4th, 5th and 6th grades, and comprises 6 cooperative teams. The cooperative took the initiative for the creation and operation of an informal film club on the school premises. A total of 8 arthouse award-winning films (both Greek and foreign ones), featuring mostly children and young adults, were selected and presented by the pupils. The screenings were open to the local community, children, parents, and friends, and were held on Sunday afternoons.

At the same time, the children studied the history of cinema, as well as the different film production phases, techniques, and media used when making a film. A series of workshops were held in the school led by film professionals (a filmmaker and a photography director) to help children better understand the nature and scope of their work. From April to May 2018, the 6th grade pupils shot footage for two short films. The first short film, entitled ''What I hide inside'', deals with everyday life in the classroom. Using silent film techniques, without audio or voice dialogue, the pupils captured scenes from the school reality. The second film is entitled ''What if I cry?''.

On Monday 4 June 2018, the official first screening of the two films took place in a special open event with the participation of classmates, friends, relatives, and teachers.

  • 47 pupils from the 6th grade and 3 teachers participated in this activity.