A Different Kind of Book

A Different Kind of Book

The main inspiration for the programme ''A Different Kind of Book'' launched at the 1st Experimental Primary School of Thessaloniki was the publishing activity of Stratis Eleftheriadis-Tériade, who attempted to combine the two previously autonomous practices of text and image. His publications, namely ‘Verve’ magazine and the ‘Great Books’, which form the main collection of the Tériade Museum, deviate from the traditional practice of book publishing.

The central goal of the educational programme ''A Different Kind of Book'' was to strengthen the child-book relationship, showcasing the book as an object of symbolic expression and creation. This was achieved through an educational intervention that combines museum education practices and teaching methods from the visual arts field. The general direction of the educational activity was informed by the initiative ''Tériade’s Imprint'', an educational suitcase designed by the programme coordinator that contains an educational programme and supporting material from the permanent collection of the Museum Stratis Eleftheriadis-Tériade.

Through an interactive panel on Stratis Eleftheriadis-Tériade’s life story, an element of the educational suitcase, the students became acquainted with his publishing work and had the chance to experiment with various printing media. A series of educational activities were held, using Paris as their starting point; the materials used for the activities were 54 copies of works from the museum’s collection and an audiovisual application supported by the educational suitcase. As part of these activities, the children practiced various visual arts techniques such as engraving, printing, and collage, amongst other things. They also got introduced to Gutenberg’s printing method by printing their texts, using the technology of the time with the help of a small printing press – another element of the educational suitcase.

The highlight of the programme was the organisation of an exhibition at the Folklife & Ethnological Museum of Macedonia & Thrace, where all the works produced in the context of the programme was presented. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the educational suitcase ‘Tériade’s Imprint’, which was made possible thanks to financial support from the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, is going to be donated to the Tériade Museum in Varia, Mytilene, for it to become available for use by all schools across the country.

  • 12 pupils from the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades of primary schools participated in this activity.