Upgrade of the National Health System Programme

In memory of those who lost their lives in the wildfires of July 2018 in Attica, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation expressed its commitment to contribute to the collective effort to support the affected populations and assist in the restoration of the affected areas and their infrastructure, by implementing an emergency programme budgeted at € 5,000,000 for the upgrade of the National Health System.

Through the implementation of this programme, the Foundation aimed to meet the urgent needs in the Public Health sector that were related to the handling of emergency cases. The upgrade of specialised healthcare services in response to a disaster of the magnitude of the July 2018 wildfires, was crucial, given that the Health sector constitutes an established, critical link in the chain of civil protection and management of any state-of-emergency situation.

Following a thorough examination of the situation and prioritisation of major needs, as well as meetings between Foundation staff and the heads of the relevant Attica Health Services Districts, the Directors of Attica Hospitals and in collaboration with representatives of competent agencies of the Hellenic State, the Foundation decided and set in motion the following donations:

  • Funding the study and implementation of the redesign, renovation and upgrading of the Emergency Department of the General Hospital of Athens “G. Gennimatas”.
  • Funding the upgrade of the medical and technological equipment of the Emergency Department (ED) and the 2nd Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as well as the creation of a High Dependency Unit (HDU) at the “KAT” General Hospital of Attica.
  • Funding the upgrading of the medical and technological equipment of the Emergency Department of the General Hospital of Elefsis “Thriasio” and the Intensive Care Unit of the Latsio Burn Centre at the “Thriasio” Hospital.
  • Funding the procurement of operating equipment for blood donation centres and mobile blood collection units of the National Blood Donation Centre.

At the same time, the Foundation funded the following actions, which pertained to the immediate support of our fellow citizens, as well as the restoration of infrastructure damaged by the 2018 wildfires:

  • Individual medical care assistance to support the burn victims of the July 2018 wildfires, in collaboration with the 1st Health Directorate of Attica and the Coordinating Committee of Mati Attiki Residents.
  • Reconstruction of buildings and damage restoration at the "Agios Andreas Centre for the Restoration of Health Losses" of the Hellenic Army General Staff.