Initiating activities for the group’s “outward turn”

Initiating activities for the group’s “outward turn”
Radical Geography Notebooks

The research team entitled “Radical Geography Notebooks” aims at promoting  the subject of Radical Geography in the Greek universities and to the general public, primarily through organizing seminars in Radical Geography and  Political Economy with participation from university academics and the wider  public that is engaged in activity with a bearing on the subject.

Through its programme for the support of Scientific Societies the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation in financing the establishment of the publication “Notebooks in Radical Geography and Political Ecology”, with selected groundbreaking texts from scientists from Greece and abroad, as well as the creation of a new website for the group, which will provide material from seminars, selected texts from the publication, supplementary educational material, an indicative bibliography and a full description of previous and subsequent actions of the group.