First Round of the "Collaborating for Health" programme

First Round of the "Collaborating for Health" programme

In 2018, a donation of an angiographic system was made to the General Hospital of Attica “Sismanoglio – Amalia Fleming” with the aim of upgrading the Hemodynamic Unit of Interventional Cardiology of the Hospital.

In parallel this year, the implementation of the following donations, which were co-funded by the Foundation and SYN-ENOSIS, was set in motion:

  • Donation of equipment for gastrointestinal endoscopy with the purpose of upgrading the Department of Gastroenterology of “Evaggelismos” General Hospital of Athens
  • Donation of two treatment beds with a mattress for the prevention of bedsores, an electronic scale and a mechanism for plasmapheresis, with the aim of upgrading the Cardiac Arrest Unit of the Navy Hospital of Athens;
  • Donation of medical equipment, in collaboration with the association “Pediatric Trauma Care” at the General Hospital – H.C. Filiates with the aim of improving the healthcare of hospitalised children and donation of equipment to the Paxos Health Centre for its paediatric clinic.

“The procurement of medical equipment through the ‘Collaborating for Health’ programme is a special honour for the Cardiac Arrest Unit of the Navy Hospital of Athens. The aim of this action is the upgrade of medical care for the more than 500 hospitalised patients per annum suffering from serious heart diseases. Of great value is the fact that a significant part of the donation is directed to those suffering from heart failure, who account for more than 20% of the total number of admissions to the Cardiology Clinic. This action will make a decisive contribution to the realisation of our vision of high-quality medical services.”

Anastasios N. Milkas, Interventional Cardiologist
Head of the Cardiac Arrest Unit, Navy Hospital of Athens