Medical Supplies Donation Programme

Medical Supplies Donation Programme

GIVMED is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide immediate and effective coverage of the pharmaceutical needs of socially vulnerable groups, through coordination of drug donation activities, information and education campaigns for citizens, and advocacy for the proper management of medicines. In order to achieve its objectives, the organisation has developed the first online network for the employment and donation of surplus medicines, in collaboration with 179 public benefit organisations (social drugstores, social grocery stores, etc.), pharmaceutical companies, and public bodies.

The multilayered collaboration between GIVMED and the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation continued in 2022, launching a new programme for the expansion of private donations to include all medical products. As part of the initiative, an awareness campaign was launched to inform the public about the donation of medical articles other than medicines, such as orthopaedic equipment, sanitary products and parapharmaceuticals, while, at the same time, GIVMED undertook the coordination and support of individuals wishing to donate medical supplies, as well as of the public benefit entities receiving such supplies to complete the relevant process.

  • As part of the Programme, 482 medical supply items were donated by individuals, by the intermediary of GIVMED, to public benefit entities of the MEDforNGOs network.
  • GIVMED supported 122 public benefit entities in the process of donating 4,377 medical supply items.


“The public discourse around GIVMED’s area of activity often focuses exclusively on the lack of basic goods such as clothing, food or medicines, the donation of which falls within the scope of GIVMED’s activity. However, at GIVMED we have also noticed that medical supplies – including the most common ones needed on daily basis (such as bandages, wet wipes, bands, disinfectant lotions) – are essential for our network’s organisations and their beneficiaries, and also hard to find. This programme aims to offer an alternative by making the general public aware of the problem and inviting individuals to contribute to its solution.”

Ioanna Dimitrakopoulou Koutava
Director, GIVMED