5th Round | “Points of Support” Programme

5th Round | “Points of Support” Programme

In 2022, the implementation of the fifth round of the “Points of Support” programme started; a collaborative initiative of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the TIMA Charitable Foundation, the Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation, the A. G. Leventis Foundation, the A.C. Laskaridis Foundation, the Costas M. Lemos Foundation, the Social and Cultural Affairs Welfare Foundation (KIKPE), as well as the Bodossaki Foundation. The new round of the Programme is coordinated by the Bodossaki Foundation.

The goal of the Programme is, on the one hand, to support original small-scale projects with maximum social impact and, on the other hand, to reinforce the infrastructures of and foster capacity building for Greek civil society organisations with a view to further enhance the development, effectiveness, and sustainability of their work.

The Public Call of the fifth round of the Programme was once again addressed to Greek private law non-profit legal entities, as well as to social cooperative enterprises. Out of 217 applications, a total of 30 projects were selected to receive funding; these projects were implemented by 45 organisations, 15 of which participated as partner organisations.

The projects had a duration of up to 6 months and fell under one of the following thematic areas:

1. “Social Integration of People with Disabilities” (John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation)

2. “Support for the Elderly” (TIMA Charitable Foundation)

3. “Support for Vulnerable Groups” (Social and Cultural Affairs Welfare Foundation – KIKPE)

4. “Support for Children”:

a. “Children and Health” (Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation)
b. “Children and the Environment” (A. G. Leventis Foundation)

5. “Support for Actions for Environmental Protection”:

a. “Protection of Aquatic and Coastal Ecosystems” (A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation)
b. “Protection of Forest and Other Terrestrial Ecosystems” (Costas M. Lemos Foundation)

In addition, within the framework of the Programme, the selected organisations took part in free capacity building activities, funded and implemented by the Bodossaki Foundation, through Social Dynamo. Social Dynamo is an initiative of the Bodossaki Foundation, in partnership with the Municipality of Athens (through the SynAthina platform), aimed at increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the organisations, with a focus on learning, professional support and networking.

“An initiative similar to the one we designed would have been very difficult to implement without funding from the ‘Points of Support’ programme. It essentially helped us to turn a mere idea of ours into action.”

Vassilis Poulopoulos
Co-Founder, O Sporos NPO
Action “Kalamata for All”


With funding from the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the implementation of the following initiatives began during the period 2022-2023:

1. ΑΜΑΚΑ – Support for increased accessibility to cultural organisations for People with Disabilities, and for their participation in artistic creation as a means of self-advocacy.

2. “I Ypomoni” Parents’ and Guardians’ Association of People with Disabilities of the Municipality of Messinia – An initiative to teach food preservation through canning and dehydration, aimed at the social integration of People with Disabilities.

3. THE BEE CAMP NPO – Environmental education for children with vision impairments, in collaboration with “Off Stream – Innovation and Accessibility in Culture”.

4. O Sporos NPO – Creation of accessible routes for all forms of disability through the internet and 3D printing cultural items in Kalamata, in collaboration with “DIAFOROZO” Sports’ Association for People with Disabilities.

5. ALL – Accessible Limitless Living – Implementation of educational actions for the promotion of accessible tourism in organisations involved in the provision of tourist services.

6. KISSAMOS SOCIAL SPOT – Creation of a “therapy” farm, designed upon the principles of regenerative agriculture, with the aim of employing People with Disabilities, in collaboration with “Evolving Cycles NPO”.

7. Include Interdisciplinary Network of Special & Intercultural Education – Design and implementation of a self-awareness and self-regulation programme for Persons with Disabilities, through therapeutic breathing practices, in collaboration with “SYZOI” Parents’ Association of People with Vision Disorders and Additional Disabilities.

8. Cosmus DIY – Installation of three stations providing digital access to information with location tracking capacities, without energy consumption (i-point), for people with visual impairments.