Since 2012, following the termination of John S. Latsis Ileians’ Scholarships Foundation activities, John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation undertook the implementation of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, continuing an action that commenced in 1967. To date, through the scholarships programme, approximately 2,200 undergraduate and postgraduate students have been supported. 

Since 2018, the Foundation has adapted its scholarship programmes, and is exclusively implementing the postgraduate scholarships programme aiming to support postgraduate students in higher educational institutes in Greece and abroad at Master's level.

The Postgraduate Scholarships Programme’s Public Call is usually announced in December of each academic year and the granting of new scholarships is performed under specific terms and conditions.

Particular attention during the evaluation process is given to the academic performance, the educational development, the level of postgraduate programme and the future aspirations of candidates, taking into consideration their social and economic position.


Frequenty Asked Questions

  • What types of Scholarship Programmes are available?

The Foundation is annually implementing its Postgraduate Scholarships Programme aiming to support postgraduate students in higher educational institutes in Greece and abroad at Master's level. Please note that integrated degrees do not fall within the postgraduate level programmes that candidates can apply for.

The Foundation does not offer scholarships for undergraduate or PhD studies.


  • Can I apply for a scholarship throughout the year?

No, scholarship applications are only submitted through the annual Postgraduate Scholarships Programme, following the respective Public Call, posted on the Foundation’s website.


  • Can I apply for a scholarship for postgraduate studies in any scientific field I wish?

No, scholarships are granted for postgraduate programmes in the scientific fields stated in the respective Public Call.


  • How should I submit my scholarship application?

All scholarship applications must be submitted through the Scholarship online system, which remains active as long as the respective public call is active. The candidates are required to sign up, create a personal account, complete and submit the online application form.


  • Can I submit the supporting documentation in person or send them via mail in the Foundation’s Athens Office address?

No, the candidates are requested to attach all necessary documentation set out in the respective Public Call in the online application form.


  • I do not meet all the terms and conditions of the Public Call. Will my application go through the evaluation process?

No. The scholarship application must meet all the terms and conditions set out in the Public Call.


  • I have submitted a scholarship application before, within the context of a previous Public Call. Am I required to re-apply if I want to participate in a new scholarship Public Call?

Yes, the candidates are required to re-apply for a scholarship, by submitting a new application along with the necessary supporting documentation.


  • Can I apply for a scholarship, even if I do not have Greek citizenship/nationality?

Yes, scholarship applications can be submitted by all Greek high school graduates, irrespective of whether they have acquired Greek citizenship.


  • Can I apply for a scholarship if the postgraduate programme I want to attend has already commenced?

No, the postgraduate programme should commence in the academic year stated in the respective Public Call.


  • Can I apply for a scholarship if I have not yet been awarded my undergraduate degree?

Yes, scholarship applications can be submitted by students in their final year of undergraduate studies, in case they provide an official transcript of records (current average grade should meet the terms & conditions stated in the respective Public Call) as well as an official list of the remaining modules for the completion of their studies. 


  • Can I apply for a scholarship if I have not yet received final offer for my postgraduate programme by the University abroad or if the admission process of postgraduate programmes in Greece has not been completed?

Postgraduate candidates who have not yet received final unconditional offer can apply for scholarship, indicating the date of the University’s reply or the exam date regarding postgraduate programmes offered by Greek Educational Institutes.


  • Can I apply for a scholarship for more than one postgraduate programmes?

No, candidates are entitled to submit an application only for one postgraduate programme, while there is no edit option after the application is submitted. In case the candidate chooses a different postgraduate programme than the one initially declared on the application, the scholarship will not be granted.


  • I apply for a scholarship for studies in more than one countries?

No, you are allowed to choose only one country of studies. In case you have selected a transnational postgraduate programme, you may indicate the second country of study in the respective application box.


  • Can I apply for a scholarship for online or part-time postgraduate programmes?

Scholarships are only granted for full-time postgraduate programmes that require attendance at the place of study, except for reasons of force majeure due to the COVID-19 pandemic where distance learning is preferred by the University.


  • Can I apply for a scholarship if I have already been offered a scholarship by another organisation?

Yes. In case another scholarship has been offered to the candidate by another organisation, the candidate is required to state that information in the application by filling in the respective application box.


  • Should I provide certified copies of the required supporting documentation?

 No, only plain copies will be requested during the scholarship application stage. In case a candidate is selected to receive a scholarship, he/she will be asked to provide the certified copies of the supporting documentation.


  • Do you conduct interviews with all scholarship candidates?

Interviews are only conducted if requested by the Selection Scholarships Committee. In this case, candidates will be directly contacted by the Foundation.


  • How will I be notified of the results?

Scholarship results will be announced on the Foundation’s website, in accordance to the timetable of each public call. Furthermore, all candidates will receive an update regarding the outcome of their application through their personal account in the Scholarship online system. 


  • Can I lodge an objection if I am not offered a scholarship?

No. Following the announcement of the final results, these is no provision for appeal or re-evaluation of the applications. The Foundation and the Selection Scholarships Committee assess and decide at their own discretion the grant of scholarships and thus the Foundation does not provide justification regarding the results of each individual application.


  • How does the scholarship amount disburse and what kind of expenses covers?

The scholarship amount is disbursed in predefined installments within the academic year. Upon the scholar’s decision, the granted amount can cover either tuition fees either living expenses.


  • How can I renew my active scholarship?

In order to renew an active postgraduate scholarship, you must submit a Scholarship Renewal Application through the Scholarship online system, following the respective public call, posted on the Foundation’s website during the first trimester of each academic year.



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