Development of “Archive Alert” system for the preservation of archival material
Arxeion Taxis

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation through its Scientific Associations Programme is funding the development of a platform with the proposed title “Archive Alert” that will allow individuals or institutions to report on archives threatened by ignorance, negligence or lack of expert human resources. Through this platform, third parties will be able to report on such archives that have come to their attention or are in their possession. The platform will be used to register these archives (eponymously and publicly or anonymously) and following that will automatically notify all those the specific entry might concern depending on the category it falls under. Moreover, the platform will include features that will allow it to function as an archives forum that will bring together individual researchers, experts and institutions, facilitating joint ventures, collaborative projects, related events, calls for volunteers and the exchange of best practices, as well as assist in soliciting all types of corporate and private sponsorships.