Anatolia College honors its major donors

Anatolia College honors its major donors
23 Jun '16

The important role played by major donors in the expansion and evolution  of Anatolia College into a pioneering educational institution was acknowledged in a special ceremony held on Friday 3rd June 2016. Particular recognition for their outstanding contribution  to the non-profit educational organization was extended in the ceremony to the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and, posthumously, to Dimitris Zannas. The institution and the person so honored were presented with the Carl C. Compton award, named after the fifth (in chronological sequence) president of Anatolia College (1950-1958), educational visionary and absolute personification of the School’s highest ideals.

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, an organization with a fine record of social and philanthropic activity to its name, was presented with the award in recognition of the years of support it has given to Anatolia College. Specifically, through its contribution to the organization’s Scholarship Program, it each year makes available scholarships to children from families with limited financial means,  providing them with access to high-quality education. The Foundation has undertaken the obligation to support each scholarship pupil from the first year of junior high school until graduation from senior high school. It also funds the participation of children of similar socio-economic backgrounds from all of Greece at Anatolia College’s Center for Talented Youth. The award was accepted by Dr. Peter Kalantzis, President of the Foundation’s Executive Board.    

Also honored in the ceremony was the late Dimitris Zannas, the distinguished jurist who served as President of the Museum for the Macedonian Struggle and was caretaker Mayor of Thessaloniki in 1974. The patrician Dimitris Zannas, recipient of awards from the President of the Republic and the state of Israel, was a graduate of the school and later a member of the Board of Trustees (Ephor) of Anatolia College. He served the school with vision, great dedication and diligence, as he did on other bodies in the city in which he held office (the YMCA, the School for the Blind, etc. The award was accepted by his spouse Artemis Zanna.