Αudiobook Recording for People with Vision Loss

Αudiobook Recording for People with Vision Loss

As part of its strategy to support actions that promote the equal participation of people with disabilities in social life, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has supported the action “With a loud voice”, which consisted in the recording of 14 audiobooks for people with vision loss. This action embodies the NPO’s vision of equal access to knowledge and literature for people with vision impairment, as the audio material has been registered and is available through the “OMIROS” Audiobook Library of the Panhellenic Association of the Blind and the “AMElib” multimodal electronic library. The ultimate goal of the action is to reduce the exclusion of people with vision impairment, to remove learning barriers for university students with vision impairment or struggling with reading in general and to highlight the importance of volunteering and active citizenship.

The recordings were made in collaboration with volunteer readers, who participated in a voice assessment process and, once selected, were trained by professional actors and vocal coaches.

  • 22 trained volunteers-readers recorded 8 literary books and 6 academic textbooks.
  • 360 hours of recording and 428 hours of editing were required for a total of 3,571 pages.
  • 13,632 pages of accessible audio material have been created by the NPO as part of its action.