Technological Upgrade of the “Sphere” and the “Dome” in the GAIA Centre

The GAIA Centre for Environmental Research and Education at the Goulandris Natural History Museum is an innovative scientific research and education centre that was founded in 2001 with the aim to study, preserve and protect the natural environment, as well as to raise visitors’ awareness so that they can become eco-conscious.


The GAIA Centre offers an interactive first acquaintance with the planet, its landscapes, vegetation and animal abundance, as well as the modern human intervention in the environment, through the exhibitions designed in collaboration with the London Natural History Museum which make use of the latest methods of museology and modern technology. The planet comes alive at the Museum’s Atrium through the “Sphere” which forms an integral part of the Museum’s permanent exhibition and displays a variety of geomorphologic aspects of the rotating Earth. This 5-meter-high globally unique construction, which was created specifically for the Goulandris Natural History Museum, presents in a concise and comprehensible manner the planet’s geological evolution from its birth about 4.6 billion years ago until today, the orogenesis process, the impact of Sun on Earth, as well as the effects of human activities on the environment. At the same time, the hemispherical “Dome” that is 7 meters in diameter and has capacity of 25 people is located in the exhibition area and is an entertainment and educational tool, through which hundreds of visitors and particularly schoolchildren are educated daily, with the main goal being the development of environmental awareness.


As part of its strategy to support initiatives aiming at improving the quality of education, the Foundation funded the technological and content upgrade of the “Sphere” and the Dome at the GAIA Centre. The technological upgrade of the “Sphere” will expand its capabilities, as through the advanced display system “Science On a Sphere”, the laser video-projectors and the new content of the datasets that was designed by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (ΝΟΑΑ) in the U.S.A., visitors will have the opportunity to observe many natural phenomena of the planet, for instance the atmospheric circulation, the weather, the earthquakes, the tsunamis, etc.. At the same time, the “Dome” will be equipped with new state-of-the-art laser projectors and advanced computers that will offer visitors the opportunity to watch high-quality specially designed dome shows.



  • The “Sphere” projections are watched annually by 40,000 visitors of all ages.
  • Since 2001 more than 1,000,000 students have watched the “Sphere” educational projections.

“Goulandris National History Museum is the first Museum in our country that established environmental educational programmes, with the aim to shape young people’s ecoconsciousness and form a new code of values based on the harmonious co-existence between human and nature. Thousands of students attend our environmental educational programmes. Particularly, when it comes to the major environmental problem that the global community is facing, i.e. Climate Change, we considered that briefing the next generations is essential in order to address promptly and effectively the Climate Change’s impact.”

Fali Vogiatzaki Chairman of the Board, Goulandris National History Museum


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