“I Care & Act” Programme

The Foundation continues to support the work of Desmos, this time in the field of education, through the “I Care & Act“ programme. It is an innovative educational programme aimed at the young generation’s adoption of volunteering and community contribution as a way of life. The implementation of the “I Care & Act” educational programme in schools provides the stimulus and resources to students to become active and responsible citizens by cultivating the values of volunteering, solidarity and selfless giving.

“I Care & Act” is implemented throughout the spectrum of school education, from preschool to lyceum, in all types of schools all over the country. The programme includes educational material for students, teachers and, beginning from the current school year, also for families, and is available free of charge on the programme’s website. Experiential learning is a very important element of the programme’s methodology, as the combination of academic knowledge with experiential activities, the taking of initiative by students and the interaction of school and society are catalysts for understanding the value and joy of giving. In addition, cooperation with civil society organisations and local actors is also being sought, with the ultimate goal of mobilizing the families of students as well as the school and local communities.

  • 481 schools and more than 38,500 students have participated in the programme from 2015 to 2018.
  • 2,760 teachers and coordinators have been trained within the framework of the programme and have developed initiatives with more than 1,600 organisations and partners.