European Young Leaders Programme

The Foundation supported, for the fourth consecutive year, the European Young Leaders programme, organised by the think-tank Friends of Europe. The programme, implemented since 2011, brings together 40 40-and-younger leaders who have already made their mark in a wide range of fields such as politics, science, business, media, NGOs, the arts and civil society.

Within the framework of this year’s programme, the European Young Leaders came together in Warsaw and Malta, where they had the opportunity to engage in discussions related to the European elections of May 2019. They were also able to listen to the message of Marian Turski, a Holocaust survivor, on the importance of freedom and to exchange views concerning the protection of liberal values in a critical time

for Europe. The 40 European Young Leaders concluded that more direct democracy and ethical social media campaigns are needed, issues further discussed during a meeting of alumni of the programme organised in October 2018 in Brussels.


  • The European Young Leaders now comprises a network of more than 180 alumni from numerous European countries, including Greece.