Organisation of the 1st International Summer School | 2009

Organisation of the 1st International Summer School | 2009
21 Sep '08

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation intends to fund a series of Summer Schools in Greece in the coming years. The first thematic cycle’s subject will be "The Environment". In this context, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation welcomes proposals from Greek Higher Educational Institutions, Technological Educational Institutions or Research Centres (Organising Body) for the organisation of the first Summer School for the year 2009.

The Summer School will take place at the Foundation's premises "Pallas Athina" building, 59 Diligianni Street, Kifissia. Participants will be Greek and non-Greek postgraduate or doctoral students (maximum 30 participants). The duration of the Summer School will be two weeks.



  • The Organising Body will have full responsibility for the organisation and implementation of the Summer School.
  • The Summer School’s exclusive sponsor will be the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation with which the Organising Body will sign a contract.
  • The grant will be managed through the Special Account for Funds and Research or a similar fund management body of the Organizing Body.
  • The submission of a joint proposal at the level of Sectors/Departments for Higher Education Institutions and Technological Education Institutions, or at the level of Institutes/Laboratories for Research Centres will be favourably evaluated.
  • The participation of professors or researchers in the teaching team of the Summer School from relevant Universities and Research Centres based outside Greece is mandatory.
  • The participation of students in the Summer School will be free of charge. Travel expenses for students based in Greece or travelling from abroad will be financed.


Proposal Submission

Proposals to be submitted must include:

  • An application of the Organising Committee of the Organising Body in which the main objectives of the Summer School will be set out as well as the composition of the Organising Committee.
  • Curriculum vitae of both the members of the Organising Committee for the implementation of the Summer School, as well as of the Greek and non-Greek professors and speakers.
  • A schedule and a detailed programme of training and other activities.
  • A detailed budget.
  • An outline of the invitation plan and selection of students who will participate in the Summer School.
  • Experience in similar events and other information that can be considered for evaluation purposes.


Interested parties should fill out the application form and send it electronically to [email protected] or by post on CD at:

John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation

Subject: Summer School 2009

Diligianni 59, Kifissia 14562


Any questions and/or clarifications can be sent electronically to: [email protected].

The deadline for applications is December 15, 2008.