Youth Center of Eleusis | Start of Operation | School Year 2014-2015

Youth Center of Eleusis | Start of Operation | School Year 2014-2015
06 Oct '14

The fully renovated youth centre of Eleusis commences operation for the new school year 

On Sunday, October 5th the customary sanctification ceremony marked the reopening of the "Youth Center of Eleusis". In addition, the inauguration of the renovated building took place, unveiling the radically transformed interior and exterior spaces. The main objective was the modernization of the building for safety, functionality and design to create a pleasant and efficient environment for all children and staff who are at the Center on a daily basis. To achieve these goals, extensive upgrade works were carried out, including: new electrical equipment, new heating system, frame replacement, modernizing kitchenware and sanitary facilities, upgrading equipment, insulation and fresh coats of paint of the entire edifice. The development of the engineering studies and supervision of works was undertaken by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation which also financed the majority of the works, with additional funding from the Hellenic Hope.

In 1964 the late Father Pyrounakis, among other public benefit initiatives, founded the Youth Center of Eleusis, an open center for the protection of children and families. From the early days of its operation, the center was embraced by Captain John Latsis and a lasting partnership was cemented, which continues to grow to this very day. 50 years later, the Center continues to support children in need, of Eleusis as well as of the surrounding areas, children of immigrants, Roma communities and disadvantaged family backgrounds.

The Friendly Nest, which is the main facility of the Youth Center organizes numerous educational activities aimed at personal and academic development of children. The Center is a model provider of equal opportunities for education and creative development of children facing adverse socio-economic conditions. Every day, more than 160 children attend the Center after school where they are given lunch and then engaged in various activities such as arts, crafts, music, experiential games to name a few. Furthermore, in cooperation with local partners in various fields, the children participate in sports, choir, theater, foreign language learning, computer skills and museum visits.

In addition, the Center has created a very important volunteer base (70+) which is active on a permanent, seasonal or ad hoc basis, offering a wide range of support for the smooth daily operation of the range of activities available.



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