Symplefsi ‘Diaplous 2016’ | Educational and Electronic Equipment for Schools on Remote Islands

Symplefsi ‘Diaplous 2016’ | Educational and Electronic Equipment for Schools on Remote Islands
05 Jul '16

Every year the Symplefsi (+plefsi) group organises a crossing of the Aegean sea, stopping at remote islands to provide schools with supplies and equipment, organise diagnostic tests administered by doctors and nurses of various specialties, carry out infrastructure works (such as, for example, desalination plants, multi-purpose sports fields, playgrounds, etc.) and make other types of donations in the fields of education, culture, sports and the environment. Consistently committed to its ultimate goal, +plefsi aims to strengthen and upgrade the living conditions of residents on remote Greek islands.

''Diaplous 2016'' was funded by the Neraida Floating Museum, focusing on the schools. In particular, the relevant grant was used to supply school units on the islands with upgraded educational and electronic equipment (projectors, computers, photocopiers and scanners), furniture (bookshelves, tables, seating) as well as office supplies and educational games to support the work of teachers. The choice of supplies was made following communication with the teachers at each school, assessment and cross-checking with the local authorities, parents and guardians associations, etc., so as to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, the actual need for such supplies and their effective use by the educators.

''Diaplous 2016'' lasted for 11 days; in that time, 11 inflatable boats and an auxiliary vessel, with the participation of 80 volunteers, visited 9 remote islands (Agathonisi, Arki, Kimolos, Levitha, Lipsi, Patmos, Sikinos, Schinousa and Folegandros). Along with the in-kind donations, numerous recreational, cultural and informative activities were organised; these included book presentations for children, an interactive HR workshop for children, an intervention to prevent teenage smoking, a photography exhibition, ''Karagiozi'' shadow puppet performances, etc.