Announcement | "Scientific Projects'' Programme 2013

Announcement | "Scientific Projects'' Programme 2013
31 Oct '12

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation continuously supports scientific research

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation aims to significantly boost scientific research carried out in Greece and abroad by Greek scientists, by funding 18 new research programmes that will be implemented thanks to its exclusive financial support in 2013.

The new research funding, which was announced by the Foundation yesterday and is available here, is part of the ‘Scientific Studies’ programme. This is the 6th year that the programme is successfully running, forming an integral part of our country’s scientific landscape. The 18 teams of scientists that were selected, which are made up of 60 mostly young scientists from 26 universities, research centres and other organisations in Greece and abroad, will continue their research throughout 2013 in a wide range of fields, such as the continuing fight against Alzheimer’s, materials technology, ancient musicology, saving endangered languages, history, the environment, the economy etc.

A total of 802 research teams, made up of 2,720 scientists, responded to the Public Call, highlight the great interest of the scientific community regarding participation in programmes financed by private funds. The 18 proposals were selected based on the evaluation process that was coordinated by the Foundation’s Scientific Committee, taking into consideration the proposals’ originality and quality, with the aim of ensuring the greatest possible diversification and balance among the various scientific fields.

The "Scientific Projects" programme is one of the main interventions of the Foundation in the areas of Education and Research, which aims at improving education services at all levels, providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged groups and supporting a multitude of scientific initiatives in Greece.