Support of School Pantry

Support of School Pantry
5th SEK of Athens

The 5th School Workshop Centre is an autonomous school unit of the secondary vocational education that provides equipped  workshop spaces for the Vocational Schools of Ilion, Petroupolis and Kamatero, enabling the students to put the theoretical knowledge into practice.

The teachers’ association, aiming to support the students to complete their studies and receive a diploma and focusing on elimination school drop-outs, created the Social Solidarity Team, comprised by school teachers. The Team organises activities for the benefit of students and families affected by the crisis. To this end the School Pantry was created inside the school premises offering basic groceries and clothing. In 2013, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation included the school in the Social Solidarity Programme “It is Our Duty II" that is implemented in collaboration with the Food Bank - Foundation to Fight Hunger, ensuring a significant amount of food which is distributed monthly.