Startup Empowerment Programme

Startup Empowerment Programme

ClimAccelerator Beyond is an entrepreneurial empowerment programme that aims to create a strong network of professionals working in the green and circular economy sector and promoting the development of sustainable, regenerative and innovative solutions to address the climate crisis and defend the environment. The Programme is implemented in parallel by the Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia and Slovenia Impact Hubs, the with the participation of a total of 120 startups.

The implementation of the Programme in Greece started in May 2021 with the support of, among others, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, aiming to create conditions for accelerating social innovation. In total, 18 startups have received support in the form of cash prizes, as well as a set of training workshops with innovative business tools, personalised mentoring and networking opportunities with experts and executives from environmental organisations and businesses. The second stage of the competition part of the Programme took place in the framework of a hybrid event held in November 2021. The startups EV Loader, Dataphoria, Aegean Cargo Sailing, Théla and ANKAA Project, as well as the startups Feel Good Food and Open Food Network, stood out for their innovative business solutions that promote positive environmental impact and received cash prizes based on their scores. The teams competed for the prize through a short pitching session, which was evaluated based on business sustainability criteria with a focus on environmental and social impact.

  • ClimAccelerator Beyond received 21 applications in Greece; 18 startups have been supported, with the participation of 11 mentors, while 7 workshops were held at European and 20 at local level.
  • The Impact Hub global network has more than 120 members.

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