Social Integration Programme for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Social Integration Programme for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

The Piraeus Association of Parents, Guardians & Friends of People with Disabilities is a non-profit association whose purpose is to provide primary and secondary social care services to adults with Intellectual Disabilities and to improve their quality of life. In 1997, it founded the “PEK/AmeA” Day Care Centre, which includes, among other things, a Moving Image Lab. Within the framework of this Lab, and with the support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the beneficiaries co-created a short film (animation) together with professionals, with the ultimate aim of raising awareness in the community with regard to the social isolation experienced by people with intellectual disabilities in case of a pandemic, and to kick off a discussion about their needs.

The film, entitled “Lockdown Diary”, captures the daily challenges faced by the participants during the pandemic, when they were forced to limit social interactions and interrupt their activities. During the workshops for the creation of this film, participants had the opportunity to creatively express their emotions, develop digital, cognitive and communication skills and experience feelings of pride and equality within the wider environment.

  • 25 adults with intellectual disabilities and 5 professionals participated in the programme.

The short film is available to watch here.