Professional Empowerment of People from Vulnerable Social Groups

Professional Empowerment of People from Vulnerable Social Groups

In 2021, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation supported an integrated cross-cutting skills training program for vulnerable social groups, designed and implemented by the non-profit organisation “Odyssea”. The funding provided by the Foundation covered the remuneration of five Odyssea professionals, who carried out the research and the pilot application of innovative psychometric tools for the assessment of horizontal skills, the implementation of soft skills training workshops and the evaluation of their impact. The ultimate goal of the project is to identify and record the participants’ potential and career preferences in a scientifically sound and efficient way, as well as to enhance their self-confidence and their communication and digital skills, in order to ensure their equal access to employment opportunities.

  • 200 individuals participated in the horizontal skills training workshops.
  • 4 tests using psychometric questionnaires and 3 psychometric tests using games were assessed in the first phase of the project by 120 participants.

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