One Day Clinic “Nikos Kourkoulos”

One Day Clinic “Nikos Kourkoulos”
“THEAGENEIO” Anti-Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki - Hellenic Cancer Society

In December 2021, the inauguration of the new, state-of-the-art One Day Clinic “Nikos Kourkoulos” took place; the Clinic, which is located in the premises of the Hellenic Cancer Society in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, was reconstructed and equipped thanks to a personal donation of Mrs. Marianna Latsis to the “THEAGENEIO” Anti-Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki. This is the second One Day Clinic donated by Mrs. Marianna Latsis to the National Health System, after the donation to the General Anti-Cancer and Oncology Hospital “Agios Savvas” in Athens. This donation, implemented under the coordination of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, is expected to decongest, both in terms of time and space, the only Oncology Hospital in Northern Greece, to which the Clinic organically belongs, by offering a well-organised and equipped humane environment for the provision of high-quality healthcare services.

The new One Day Clinic “Nikos Kourkoulos” extends over 1,800 square meters, has capacity to cater 41 chemotherapy patients - 27 chairs and 14 beds -, while it is equipped with 5 medical offices, a cardiology laboratory, a blood collection room, a microbiology and blood laboratory, a shock room, a pharmacy, a waiting area, a dining hall, changing rooms and other ancillary areas. The donation also initiated the creation of a special area for the installation of the first robotic system for the dissolution of cytostatic drugs in Greece.

  • The new Clinic is expected to serve more than 35,000 oncology patients per year.

Watch the video here.