“Empowering Vocational Education students” Programme

“Empowering Vocational Education students” Programme

In the framework of its strategy to support, among other initiatives, programmes for the empowerment of students in Vocational Education, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has collaborated once again with The Tipping Point NPO, this time focusing the TTP Programme on the country’s Vocational High Schools (“EPA.L.”). Through the initiative “Empowering Vocational Education students”, implemented during the school year 2021-2022 with the support of the Foundation, students from 10 vocational schools in both urban and remote areas of Greece, had the chance to gain an even better understanding of technical jobs through interesting discussions and useful advice by successful professionals, who act as mentors-role models. Via anm experiential method and with the help of technology, the students discovered job opportunities and alternatives in their selected field of study, developed the required skills and gained a realistic understanding of the job market through networking with its representatives. At the same time, participants cultivated soft skills such as active listening, critical thinking and collaboration, and gained greater confidence in their abilities in order to prepare themselves in a structured and informed way for achieving their future goals.

  • In the 2021-2022 school year, 73 live group sessions were held, involving 1,170 vocational school students and 12 teachers.
  • 59 mentors talked with the students for 2,460 minutes via videoconference and answered 266 questions.
  • Students from vocational schools in Karpathos, Ioannina, Thira and Agrinio were informed about disciplines and professions in 34 fields, including Programming, Cooking, Agriculture, Engineering and Olive Tree Cultivation.

“The overall interaction with the professionals brought both the students and me closer to the relevant working environments. I met professionals from the same disciplines who have taken different paths. This has contributed to the students broadening their horizons instead of just limiting themselves to one direction. It has made it easier for them to choose a profession and not just stick to one career path but expand their horizons to multiple fields and options.”

Panagiota Vletsa
Computer Science Teacher,
Evdilos Vocational High School, Ikaria 

“The Programme helped me to better understand the type of work I want to do in the future and to make the right decisions. I gained knowledge about my field and in general about experiences shared with us by the mentors we spoke to.”

Secondary school student
Moudros Vocational High School, Lemnos 

“The mentor was very encouraging. She urged us to dare to spread our wings.”

Secondary school student
1st Vocational High School of Vrontados, Chios 

“For the first time, thanks to the support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, it was made possible to strengthen Vocational Education in many ways and to focus on the needs of students. The extensive contact with Vocational Education has enabled the organisation to better map any shortcomings and needs in the field and to adapt the implementation output accordingly. At the same time, the project was also a case study, which helped acknowledge that Vocational Education schools are indeed in need of strengthening, empowerment, advice and guidance.”

Amalia Konstantakopoulou
Co-Founder & Director, The Tipping Point NPO