“Climate Change and Us” Exhibition

“Climate Change and Us” Exhibition

With a vision to play a primary role in raising awareness and educating the public about environmental protection, the Goulandris Natural History Museum is implementing a large-scale programme on Climate Change, a key component of which is the exhibition entitled “Climate Change and Us”. The Εxhibition, permanently hosted at the GAIA Centre for Environmental Research and Education, was made possible, among other factors, with the major support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and aims to inform visitors about the effects of Climate Change and their impact on everyday life, to suggest ways to address them, and to raise awareness among the younger generation in order to shape their environmental consciousness. This is the first interactive exhibition to be implemented in Greece on the topic of Climate Change; it includes innovative digital applications, original educational exhibits, and informational videos about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The objective of the Εxhibition is to offer a well-documented and entertaining approach to the consequences of and means for combating Climate Change, highlight the usefulness of renewable energy sources, and encourage constructive dialogue on major environmental issues.

  • The “Climate Change and Us” exhibition received 39,938 visitors in 2022, including 20,584 children.
  • The Exhibition comprises 17 exhibition points covering topics such as Energy, Transportation, Water Usage, Waste & Recycling, Personal Responsibility, and Globality.


“One of the best, if not the best programme we have attended! Hands-on! Ideal for children.”
Educator, “Hartaetos” Kindergarten 

“An exceptional visit with a hands-on approach and profound lessons, in an environment full of enthusiasm.”
Educator, 1st Primary School of Papagou 

“Excellent organisation, guided tour, space aesthetics, and visual aids.”
Educator, 5th Junior High School of Galatsi 

“Only international cooperation can achieve the mitigation of the impacts of Climate Change. The Goulandris Natural History Museum participates in the global discourse on critical issues concerning the preservation of life, implementing significant initiatives.”

Fali Vogiatzaki
Chair of the Board of Directors, Goulandris Natural History Museum