Alzheimer's Disease International | Presentation of “Help for caregivers” Booklet

Alzheimer's Disease International | Presentation of “Help for caregivers” Booklet
07 Mar '16

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and the Greek Federation of Alzheimer’s Associations have launched the ‘Help for Caregivers’ booklet at the Athens Meropeion Foundation on Monday, 7th March 2016. The event drew attention to the plight of caregivers supporting people with dementia through the release of 10,000 copies of the booklet. The Greek booklet was developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), and will be followed shortly by a version in English. The launch has been sponsored by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and TIMA Charitable Foundation.

During the presentation, a woman affected by Alzheimer’s disease shared her experience and underlined how helpful was that booklet for her.

”I would like to mention the utility of that booklet. It has an efficient structure and content, starting with general information about the disease, moving into instructions for the support to the patient in detail, providing almost any difficulties that may occur during the progression of the disease and finally providing ways and methods of support of the patient himself in order to affect his family as little as possible. I have it on my nightstand. Sometimes I browse through it in the evening before sleep. Definitely I read it after an incident which I doubt or in case I experience unpleasant feelings. It always provides me information and gives me an answer which helps me and my mother. In other words, I can handle with it anytime. Thus, I am wondering if that booklet is so helpful for me that I live in big city like Thessaloniki and have access to anything I need, imagine how useful it is for people living in villages and small towns where there are no structures.''

An important criterion concerning the implementation of this grant in order to be approved by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and TIMA Charitable Foundation was the free distribution to all interested parties through local club venues, under the auspice of the World Health Organization. Main expectations are to improve the daily life of caregivers of affected people with dementia, to facilitate the hard work undertaken and thus to enhance the services they offer.

A full copy of the ‘Help for Caregivers’ booklet in Greek is available here.

Also, the booklet is available for download on the ADI Website and on the TIMA Foundation Website.

Copies of the “Help for Caregivers” booklet will be distributed to individuals, groups, organizations or institutions anywhere in Greece free of charge via the network of The Greek Federation of Alzheimer’s Associations.