Inaugural Scientific Symposium

Inaugural Scientific Symposium

In July 2022, the inaugural Symposium of the Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies (HIAS), entitled “Bridges in Education,
Science, and Innovation”, was held at the Eugenides Foundation with the participation of top researchers and distinguished scientists from Greece and the diaspora, who discussed STEM-related topics and activities. The aim of the Symposium, which was co-funded by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the National Technical University of Athens, and the Eugenides Foundation, was to create a meeting ground between science and society, to foster networking and collaboration between the academic and research community in Greece and the diaspora, and to promote research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Greece. The Symposium explored the role of engineering in solving societal challenges, presented new trends in artificial intelligence, highlighted the importance of early education in the field of innovation for addressing the risk aversion of young researchers, discussed the  incentives for establishing a collaboration between the industry, Research Centres and Universities for the transfer of know-how, and highlighted the urgent need to address the climate crisis.

  • 200 people attended the Symposium, which was structured in 4 sections: Education in Engineering and Science, Energy and Climate – Environment and the Sea, Artificial Intelligence and Informatics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Greece.


“The support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation was significant, not only because it covered the operational expenses of the Symposium, but also because it demonstrated the willingness of a distinguished Foundation to support the challenging endeavour of HIAS. It is of great importance for Greek scientists of the diaspora, as well as young Greek scientists, to witness the commitment of public benefit institutions in Greece in building bridges of cooperation.”

Prof. Andreas G. Boudouvis

Rector, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Board Member, Hellenic Institute for Advanced Studies (HIAS)