D-HUB – An Incubator in Support of Cultural Tourism Programmes

D-HUB – An Incubator in Support of Cultural Tourism Programmes

As part of its strategy in supporting innovative initiatives that promote sustainable development, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has developed a  long-term partnership with the “DIAZOMA” Association, supporting its overall work, and in  particular the operation of the recently launched “D-HUB” incubator. The Association aims to  promote contemporary cultural creation and to place cultural and natural monuments at the very centrer of society, connecting them with sustainability, entrepreneurship and the digital world. In this context, “DIAZOMA” has designed and implements holistic programmes, such as “Cultural Routes  and Parks”, the “POLIS” Programme, the “Avenues of Nature and Culture” Programme and the  “Reconstruction Plan for Northern Evia”. Two new pioneering initiatives were introduced to ensure  the efficient operation and sustainability of these programmes: the business cluster and the Destination Management and Marketing Organisation (DMO), along with the “D-HUB” incubator, which provides integrated support for all these initia- tives. Through “D-HUB”, the necessary know-how,  guidance, and support is provided to Regions and Municipalities, enabling them to successfully implement coordinated programmes tailored to their respective territories.

  • In 2022, “D-HUB” actively supported 3 Regions contributing to the leverage of projects with a budget of €1,500,000.
  • So far, the cities of Arta, Naxos, Heraklion, Komotini, Thebes, Kalamata, Larissa and Kozani have participated in the “POLIS” Programme.
  • Through the “Avenues of Nature and Culture”Programme, pilot projects will be implemented on 3 main highways of the country to optimise accessibility to 30 cultural monuments.

Watch the video (in Greek) here.


“The ‘Ancient Theatres of Epirus Cultural Route’ programme has been designed and developed by the Region of Epirus and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, following a proposal by the ‘DIAZOMA’ Association. It is an innovative programme, not only on a European, but also on a global scale, as it consists a specialised and branded cultural tourism product, based on a specific common thread, i.e. the five ancient theatres of Epirus. The ‘D-HUB’ incubator team, in excellent cooperation with the Tourism Directorate of the Region of Epirus, supported us throughout our efforts to gain approval for the Programme, in order to promote the route to all visitors who want to experience the natural and cultural monuments of the Prefecture of Epirus up close.”

Ioulia Markoula
Director, Directorate of Lifelong Learning, Employment,
Trade and Tourism, Region of Epirus 

“In view of the need to support integrated cultural tourism programmes, we have created a new initative at DIAZOMA, implemented by young and talented people – the ‘D-HUB’ incubator. We provide support, where needed, to all public Institutions in the design and implementation of programmes necessary for the development of their respective territory. Through our daily work, we strive to connect three worlds that have never, so far, conversed in our country: the world of nature and cultural monuments, the world of economy and the world of agriculture and food.”

Evdokimos Fregoglou
Coordinator of Development Programmes, “DIAZOMA” Association
Head, “D-HUB” Incubator