Creation of sign language video

Creation of sign language video

As part of its broader strategy for the implementation of cultural inclusivity actions, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has funded the production of a video in Greek and International sign language, with simultaneous subtitling, on the permanent collections of the Museum of Cycladic Art. This initiative was implemented in the context of the Museum’s participation in the Erasmus+ EU Programme entitled “ToMiMEUS: Towards a Multisensory and lnclusive Museum for lndividuals with Sensory Disabilities” and aims to make art accessible to visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Through specially designed automated guided tour videos, which were produced in collaboration with HandsUp social enterprise, visitors with accessibility difficulties can now tour the permanent collections “Ancient Greek Art. A History with Images” and “Cypriot Art” hosted in the Museum, and explore a number of exhibits, such as prehistoric figurines, decorated vases, archaic and classical sculptures, gold coins, etc.

  • The videos got more than 2,310 single views through the ClioMuse app.
  • In the period May - December 2021, the Museum welcomed 16,527 visitors to its 2 permanent collections.