Support of Planting Programme

The Support Network for Women Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners has as its primary objective the support of women who have experienced or are experiencing incarceration in Detention Centers. The basic principle the Network operates under is solidarity, in terms of equality rather than philanthropy, to persons belonging to this vulnerable social group. The actions of the Network therefore aim at empowering and training prisoners, providing opportunities for social inclusion as well as at preventing stigma and social marginalisation.

The Latsis Foundation funded the planting of perennial plants of Thyme and Oregano programme which took place in a six-acre field in the Women’s Detention Centre in Eleonas Thebes. The action aimed, among other things, at eliminating the inertia and “dead time” prisoners are often faced with when in detention as well as at providing vocational training to women prisoners. The products harvested are designated for use in prisons as well as for channeling to the market.


  • In total, the 12 detainees, who participated in the programme, planted 40.000 thyme and oregano plants.