Volunteerism & NGO Capacity Building

Support of an online solidarity platform



Moirazomai was established in 2013 and is the first online platform which aims to create sustainable solidarity networks, linking people in need to those who are able and willing to offer (individuals or other NGOs). In accordance with the basic principle of transparency, the needs are collected, recorded and, after thorough evaluation, published on the website of Moirazomai. In addition, the organization focuses on informing and educating the public on the idea of giving and its benefits. 

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation supports Moirazomai by covering its core operational and pay-roll expenses, allowing it to continue addressing a large number of needs.


Interesting facts

To date, through Moirazomai, more than 240 needs (health care needs, needs for food, clothing, household equipment etc.) have been covered and the number of the collaborating organisations exceeds 50.

85, Vouliagmeni Av.

16674 Glyfada

Tel.: +30 210 96 07 721

welcome@moirazomai.gr, info@moirazomai.gr