Volunteerism & NGO Capacity Building

Conference on volunteerism “ACTion FACTory: The art of Volunteerism”

GloVo (Global Volunteers)


GloVo (Global Volunteers), the global volunteer’s platform, organizes for the third consecutive year the 3-day conference on volunteerism, education and social action, called “Glovo.Con - ACTion FACTory: The act of Volunteerism”. This year’s Glovo.Con III aims to expand the notion of “art” and introduce the “art of volunteerism”, through a series of impactful sessions and volunteer activities, including public space beautification and soup kitchen for the homeless etc. Last year’s conference included 10 thematic sessions on education, personal growth and the importance of volunteerism as well as 4 different volunteer actions with the participation of 200 people of 18-23 years old. 

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation supports this year’s event, empowering an initiative that will help young people to develop their skills and abilities and learn how to use them to benefit not only themselves but the society they live in as well. 

8 Klisovis St. 

10677 Athens

Tel.: +30 210 34 50 606


glovo.com.gr (in Greek)