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Viva Nest Press Rlease -  Eight entrepreneurial groups in the final phase – Viva Wallet SA participating in Elorus

Viva Nest


The Viva Group’s Viva Nest development accelerator has been launched, with ambitious prospects. Some preliminary examples of its activity:  

1. The Viva Next Program - an IDEA in Fintech (

Eight entrepreneurial groups have been selected in the final phase of this six-month program of digital innovation and new entrepreneurship, Viva Nest’s first initiative and part of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)’s IDEA (Innovation Design and Entrepreneurial Action) series at the Athens Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACEin). The eight groups are:

  • Cloudeplo: A platform which facilitates the creation of clusters on IAAS providers, such as Amazon or Azure, so that they can be used for big data analysis applications.
  • HENRY E-LAWYER: A personal “notary” to help the user conclude and manage contracts, combining Blockchain and Bot technologies. 
  • Induce:  A mobile application that rewards users for their presence at specific Points of Interest. The points may be shops, parks, beaches, museums, etc.  
  • NewKidsOnTheBlockchain: Crowdsourcing & equity crowdfunding platform for funding and production of digital assets. Initial  implementation will be in the field of music.
  • Pitchstor: Marketplace hosting companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, entrepreneurial ideas and investors at the international level with a view to networking, exchange of ideas and possible  initiation of collaboration.
  • Plustic: An electronic wallet emphasizing sociality  and smart purchasing. The user is provided with gift cards with extra bonus purchases and can either keep them for personal use or send them to other users.
  • Supermarketnow: An online platform for supermarkets introducing the concept of the personal market helper who shops on behalf of the consumer delivering the shopping to his door, at the time he decides.
  • Veem: A platform for rewarding  healthy living and  daily exercise. Users of the application directly convert their healthy habits into points, which they redeem with bargains in goods and services, through the electronic shop.

The selection was made from 15 groups (initially 21) which for one month were supported by ACEin and the Viva Group through informational presentations, educational programs, mentoring and provision of counselling from experts. The evaluation was conducted by officials drawn from the organizers and by senior executives of the companies collaborating with the program (Eurobank, Entersoft, Eurolife ERB, Lamda Development, Mastercard, Metro / Mymarket,  Microsoft).

The groups shortlisted will be hosted at the fine modern premises of the Viva Nest accelerator, in Viva’s modern offices in Maroussi, to enable them to continue working on development of their products, with the support of mentors and experts, as well as technical and consultative support from the Viva Group. The groups finally selected at the conclusion of the Program, apart from technical support from the organizers and cash prizes to a total value of 20,000 euros, courtesy of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, will have the opportunity to be candidates for commercial and/or entrepreneurial collaboration with the Viva Group and its affiliated companies.

2. Viva Wallet SA’s participation in Elorus

For the last two months Viva Nest has been host to the fledgling company Elorus, in which Viva Wallet SA recently acquired minority shareholding, with a view to providing it with technical support for further development of its services and to help it with synergies for commercial promotion of its services.  Elorus is a pathbreaking electronic invoicing (SaaS)  cloud application which enables the user to issue invoices, accept online payments from customers and organize its income and expenditure from all locations in a simple, user-friendly manner. Elorus’s services are aimed at self-employed professionals and small businesses and within a space of two years it has attracted custom from more than 6,000 companies.  

3. Open call   

The Viva Nest accelerator has issued an “open call” to newly established companies active in the Fintech sector or developing products that could establish significant synergy with the services of the Group, with a view to having them join Viva Nest for support in achieving their objectives. Declaration of interest may be communicated at any time via the web page and the choice is expedited flexibly and promptly.   

Finally, apart from close collaboration with the AUEB, Viva Nest is in contact with corresponding international bodies supporting newly established companies, so as to take advantage of their expertise and experience and provide even more effective support to creative entrepreneurial groups in the fintech sector.


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