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Purchase of a CT scanner

Sismanoglio General Hospital of Attica



On July 31, 2017, the inauguration of a new 16-slice CT scanner took place at the “Sismanoglio - Amalia Fleming” General Hospital. The scanner was donated by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.

The new CT scanner was obtained after years of effort and should resolve deficiencies that have had a significant impact on the proper operation of the hospital. The new equipment will improve the hospital's scientific efficiency, as it will replace the obsolete single-slice CT scanner used until now.

What will the new scanner offer to the hospital:

A) The 16-slice scanner will minimize the testing time and improve the level of imaging diagnosis. Specifically, tests that took several minutes to complete, will now be carried out within a few seconds. With this feature, the waiting list for CT scans will be dramatically reduced or even totally eliminated.

It is estimated that the scanner may potentially test up to 100 patients a day, about twice the number of patients examined until now.

B) The new equipment utilises new scientific protocols which allow for the diagnostic imaging of organs and small blood vessels.

C) A 1-year performance warranty has been provided, including free full technical support and spare parts, which means that the equipment will incur no operating costs during this period.

The Computed Axial Tomography Department of the Hospital employs experienced and highly specialised Medical, Paramedical and Nursing Personnel and covers the needs of the Clinical Departments and Units, as well as the Emergency Room of the Hospital, on a 24-hour basis. It also covers the scheduled visits of patients during morning and afternoon shifts. 

The hospital’s human resources, combined with modern facilities and new equipment, give the Computed Axial Tomography Department a leading role in the strategic direction of "Imaging-Diagnosis-Therapy", including direct, reliable, valid and safe management of patients, training new doctors and medical research. This, as a whole, will improve and upgrade the quality of services provided.


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