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Pediatric Clinic – Athens Polyclinic / Dental Clinic – Thessaloniki Polyclinic




In 2016, the Foundation continued to support the PRAKSIS polyclinics in Athens and Thessaloniki in offering free and immediate health care and medication to socially and economically marginalised groups of people.

At the Athens Pediatric Clinic, which is part of the Polyclinic, primary healthcare and therapeutic treatment of acute cases is provided.  At the same time a social service operates whereby, upon the children’s arrival, a personal health record is opened, a comprehensive medical and social history is obtained and useful information and advice is provided on welfare issues and family health. The Foundation covered part of the expenses for the operation of the pediatric clinic.

For the PRAKSIS Dental Clinic in Thessaloniki, which has been operating since September 2014 in its upgraded form, the grant covered the employment cost of a dentist. The Clinic offers the full range of dental services for patients of all ages and many different nationalities. 


In the period between April and November 2016


At the Athens Pediatric Clinic

  • 1,952 children received treatment
  • there were 738 visits from children from Syria, 476 from Afghanistan, 71 from Albania, 40 from Iraq and 68 from Greece. 


At the Thessaloniki Dental Clinic

  • 814 dental treatments took place.
  • the patients were of all ages and included 20 different nationalities.



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