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Creation of the One Day Clinic "Nikos Kourkoulos"

Ongological Hospital of Athens "Aghios Savvas"


The One Day Clinic “Nikos Kourkoulos”, an indispensable part of the "Agios Savvas" Cancer Treatment Hospital in Athens, is comprised of 6 floors, a ground floor and 3 basements, with a capacity of 46 beds, covering a total area of 4.000 sq.m. The Clinic is housed in the former 6th Oncology Hospital of the Greek Social Insurance Institute (IKA), located near Alexandras Avenue at Asopiou and Paraschou St., which, with the funding support of Mrs. Marianna Latsis, was renovated and fully equipped according to specifications meeting the functional requirements of a modern Outpatient Centre. The aim is to upgrade the patient care facilities and optimize the efficiency of the medical and nursing staff.

At the model, now, Day Clinic, the patients will undergo chemotherapies or surgeries and be discharged on the same day.  It is estimated that 30,000 patient admissions and 3,800 surgeries will take place on an annual basis. Specifically, the Centre will consist of 3 surgical units and have capacity of 45 beds, from which 26 beds will serve oncology patients of the Pathology Department who require chemotherapy, while the 19 beds will serve Surgery Department patients. You will find additional information regarding the medical units and the departments of the Centre in the Technical Report.

By offering citizens a comfortable patient-centered environment, well-organized and equipped to provide high-level health care services, the One Day Clinic “Nikos Kourkoulos” can inspire similar initiatives which will improve the quality of care and simultaneously reduce its cost. In addition, it will contribute to the operational improvement and relieve the congestion at the "Agios Savvas" Hospital, as more operating room will become available for other surgeries, reducing the inpatient waiting Times.

See here a short video describing the creation of the One Day Clinic “Nikos Kourkoulos”: 


Interesting facts

International experience has shown that the operation of a day centre significantly reduces State, hospital and national health insurance expences. Moreover it is proven to be one of the most effective expenditure streamlining practices as well as proper use of resources and manpower in the health sector.

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One Day Clinic "Nikos Kourkoulos"

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