Public Health

Creation of a Dental Clinic



PRAKSIS is a non-governmental organisation aiming to protect socially vulnerable groups of people and directly fight against their social and economic exclusion, through the design and implementation of humanitarian and medical action programs. As part of its social work, the organisation operates, among others, two Polyclinics in Athens and Thessaloniki aiming to offer direct primary care and medication.     

Since September 2014, in Thessaloniki Polyclinic there is a fully equipped Dental Clinic, where dental extractions, basic surgeries, dental treatments, fillings and medical examinations take place for socially vulnerable groups of citizens. The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation supports this action, by covering part of the costs of the unit's creation as well as operational costs for 12 months. 


Interesting facts

On a daily basis the Dental Clinic receives approximately 6 patients.

Head Office

57 Stournari St. 

10432 Athens

Tel.: +30 210 52 05 200

Fax: +30 210 52 05 201