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Renovation of Paediatric Clinic

"Georgios Gennimatas" Thessaloniki General Hospital


The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation undertook the donation of  €300,000 to exclusively fund of the project for the renovation of the Paediatric Clinic of the "Georgios Gennimatas" Thessaloniki General Hospital and for the supply of the necessary equipment for its operation. The project took place during the period from 4 April to 24 June 2011 and the Foundation undertook on an exclusive basis the direct contract awards to contractors and suppliers, the monitoring and supervision of the implementation, as well as the handling of all the payments. The project included: extensive constuction works at the Clinic's 500 square meters, renovation of the existing rooms and construction of new ones, replacement of the outdoor casings and interior doors, construction of new toilets, reconstruction of electrical and plumbing installations, artistic details and purchase of equipment (beds, overbed tables, closets, air-conditioning, desks etc.) 

Donation's background: As part of the program "Scientific Projects" funded by the Foundation since 2008, in January 2010 a scientific project was completed entitled "Architectural Study and Participation in Supervision of the Renovation of Paediatric Wards at the “G.Gennimatas” General Hospital in Thessaloniki", by a team of 5 young researchers (Coordinator: E. Kamarinopoulou, Architect), after a funding of €12,000 by the Latsis Foundation. Construction work begun in early April 2011 and the project was completed on 24 June 2011, under the continuous supervision of the Latsis Foundation. The inauguration of the renovated clinic was held on 27 June 2011 by Marianna Latsis and the Health and Solidarity Minister Mr. Andreas Loverdos. Present were His Eminence, Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, Mr. Anthimos, the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Yannis Boutaris and numerous government and city's officials.

The Paediatric Clinic of the "Giorgos Gennimatas" Thessaloniki General Hospital hosts yearly an average of 1,200 children, up to 16 years old, and the clinic's accident and emergency department receives about 9,100 children each year. 18 doctors, 7 specalised and 11 interns, as well as 16 nurses work at the clinic.


Interesting facts

The Paediatric Clinic of the "Giorgos Gennimatas" Thessaloniki General Hospital, with a capacity of 38 beds, operates since 1987 and receives patients from Macedonia, Thrace and Thessaly, covering all medical incidents.

41, Ethnikis Amynis St. 

54635 Thessaloniki

Τel.: +30 231 330 8100 (in Greek)